Paving Service in Elizabeth City

At Custom Paved Driveways, we’ve had the honor of serving our neighbors in the Elizabeth City area since we opened for business in 1987. Our locally operated, locally owned, and well-known paving service is recognized for our meticulous approach, outstanding customer service, top-notch repairs, and exceptional custom paving. Because your peace of mind is priceless, and that’s why we maintain full insurance, bonding, and licensing. Our crew consists of the most reliable, experienced, and professional individuals who consider going the extra mile second nature. From large parking lot projects to sealcoating to new installs and beyond, you’ll be sure that you’ve found the most suitable team for the job when you see our finished product. Reach out today to schedule a free quote and let us get to work showing you just what sets us apart as a premier paving company in Elizabeth City!

All-Inclusive Paving Service in Elizabeth City

At Custom Paved Driveways, you’ll receive top-tier asphalt and concrete solutions that meet your every need. We focus on developing visually impressive and resilient asphalt surfaces that can withstand the particular weather conditions characteristic of Elizabeth City. Our capabilities range from repairing existing paved surfaces to building new driveways, roads, or playgrounds, enabling us to undertake projects of varying magnitudes for residential and commercial customers. Our asphalt service includes custom paved driveways, resurfacing, new construction, and sealcoating. Trust in our remarkable team to elevate the aesthetic charm and usability of:


Apartment Complexes

Parking Lots


Homeowners Associations


Shopping Centers

Car Dealerships

And More!

Asphalt Paving Services

Transform your commercial property with Custom Paved Driveways’ comprehensive commercial asphalt paving services. We specialize in many tasks, including precise asphalt installations, thorough repair services, proactive maintenance programs, affordable resurfacing solutions, and expert sealcoating applications. Your paving contractor will emphasize top-notch craftsmanship, surpassing customer anticipations, fair pricing, prompt project completion, and utilizing our vast expertise to achieve outstanding outcomes.

When you visit our Elizabeth City asphalt company, your commercial project will benefit from enhanced curb appeal, heightened safety measures, cost-efficient options, and lasting durability. Asphalt’s capacity to withstand adverse weather conditions and heavy traffic makes it an incredibly robust and logical choice for businesses. Through our pavement services, we guarantee durability, create a safer place for vehicles and pedestrians, and leave a favorable impression on customers and clients.

The first impression of your business is heavily influenced by its exterior, and the parking lot plays a pivotal role in this perception. When a parking lot is in disrepair, it poses a liability and a safety risk – but when you have a pristine, safe parking lot, your business will put its best foot forward. At our local asphalt company, we specialize in parking lot paving that offers protection, makes a statement, and refreshes the appearance of your business. Our top-tier quality comes at a price that’s friendly to your budget, making it a wise and lasting investment.

Take action before your business feels the impact of a deteriorating parking lot. Let Custom Paved Driveways enhance your parking lot and experience a striking transformation of your commercial property, courtesy of our asphalt service in Elizabeth City! Give us a call today to chat about your project and schedule a complimentary quote.


Elevate your asphalt surfaces with Custom Paved Driveways’ superior sealcoating service, designed to enhance aesthetics and durability. Safeguard your substantial investment in parking lots or driveways with long-term protection against severe weather and high volumes of traffic. Our sealcoat is essentially a strong protective layer that defends asphalt against chemical exposure, oil stains, severe weather, UV radiation, and various other hazards. By applying sealcoating, we prevent the natural oxidation of asphalt, preserving its color and vibrancy so it doesn’t succumb to the typical, faded gray hue over time.

Protect your pavement from expensive repairs and extend its longevity with the exceptional sealcoating service offered by our reliable asphalt company. Aside from its protective capabilities, a freshly sealcoated surface displays a polished, beautiful appearance that greatly elevates the visual appeal of your property and leaves a lasting impression on guests and patrons. Enhancing traction is one of the key benefits of sealcoating, making it an effective way to prevent slips and falls on your property.

Custom Paved Driveways’ Elizabeth City paving professionals use precise application techniques to bring unmatched protection and durability to your project. Prevent your brand from being negatively impacted by a deteriorating parking lot. Contact us today to delve deeper into our sealcoating service and take a proactive step towards enhancing the beauty and durability of your asphalt.


Count on your go-to asphalt contractor for our professional parking lot striping service, which is designed to enhance both safety and aesthetic appeal. When we talk about striping, we’re referring to the painted delineations on surfaces, such as parking spaces, directional arrows, and ADA-compliant handicap spaces. Our thorough parking lot striping process goes the extra mile by enhancing the parking lot’s appearance while also enhancing safety for pedestrians and drivers, simplifying the parking process, and optimizing traffic flow.

Our asphalt service in Elizabeth City is dedicated to achieving durable, high-quality, and precise striping through specialized application methods and premium-grade materials. Our skilled team makes your satisfaction our top priority by meeting your expectations and requirements through flawless execution of every marking and line. As a leading paving company, Custom Paved Driveways guarantees professionalism, reliability, and superior outcomes that not only improve the functionality but also enhance the visual appeal of your parking lot.

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