Paving Service in Franklin

At Custom Paved Driveways, we’ve had the honor of serving our neighbors in the Franklin area since we opened for business in 1987. With a strong presence in the local community, our paving service is highly regarded for our exceptional custom paving, unmatched customer support, superior repair work, and unwavering focus on precision. We put your peace of mind first, which is why we maintain full insurance, bonding, and licensing. The professionals on our team are reliable, experienced, and committed to surpassing your expectations by providing an exceptional level of service. Witness the excellence of our work across different areas, such as large parking lot projects, sealcoating endeavors, new installations, and more, and you’ll have complete confidence in our team. Get in touch today to set up a no-cost quote and see for yourself why we are considered the premier paving company in Franklin!

All-Inclusive Paving Service in Franklin

Custom Paved Driveways delivers unmatched quality and innovation in concrete and asphalt solutions. We produce visually captivating and durable asphalt surfaces designed to withstand the unique weather concerns of the Franklin area. Whether it’s fixing current pavement or fabricating new driveways, playgrounds, or roads, we have the expertise and resources to manage projects of any size for residential or commercial customers. Included in our asphalt service offerings are surface refinishing tasks, sealcoating services, the development of custom paved driveways, and new construction projects. Rely on our outstanding team to enhance the visual appeal and practicality of:

Shopping Centers

Parking Lots

Car Dealerships



Homeowners Associations


Apartment Complexes

And More!


Invest in safety and aesthetics by choosing professional parking lot striping services from our reputable asphalt contractor. The practice of parking lot striping includes painting lines and symbols on the parking lot surface, delineating areas for parking, directional guidance, and handicap-accessible parking spaces that meet ADA requirements. Our methodical process of parking lot striping is intended to create efficient traffic flow, structured parking arrangements, and enhanced safety features for motorists and pedestrians.

Our asphalt service in Franklin focuses on delivering durable, high-quality, and precise striping by employing specialized application techniques and top-tier materials. We prioritize your satisfaction above all else, ensuring that every marking and line is executed flawlessly to meet your expectations and requirements. Custom Paved Driveways stands out as a paving company that embodies professionalism, reliability, and a commitment to delivering high-quality results that transform your parking lot into a functional and visually pleasing place.


Enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of your asphalt surfaces with Custom Paved Driveways’ premier sealcoating solutions. Maintain the integrity of your investment in parking lots or driveways with resilient defenses against extreme weather and heavy traffic loads. Our sealcoat acts as a tenacious shield that protects asphalt from chemical hazards, oil leaks, unpredictable weather events, UV radiation, and other potential dangers. Sealcoating serves as a barrier against asphalt oxidation, preserving its vibrant color and preventing the grayish hue associated with aging.

Enhance the resilience of your pavement, avoid costly repairs, and lengthen its lifespan with the premium sealcoating service from our established asphalt company. Apart from providing protection, a freshly sealcoated surface boasts a glossy, refined look that dramatically improves the aesthetic appeal of your property and makes a lasting, favorable impression on visitors and customers. With its enhanced traction, sealcoating plays a crucial role in reducing slip and fall risks and, therefore, ensures a safer environment.

Custom Paved Driveways guarantees meticulous application methods that ensure maximum durability and protection for your Franklin paving project. Avoid letting your business’s values and standards be compromised by a deteriorating parking lot. Get in touch with us now to explore how our professional sealcoating services can help maintain the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your asphalt surfaces.

Asphalt Paving Services

Revitalize your commercial property’s exterior with the extensive selection of commercial asphalt paving services available at Custom Paved Driveways. Our proficiency covers a broad spectrum, encompassing skilled asphalt installations, thorough repair tasks, proactive maintenance programs, economical resurfacing solutions, and adept sealcoating services. Providing exceptional results is our goal, so your paving contractor will apply our time-tested techniques to surpass your expectations, exceed our stringent workmanship standards, and ensure that your project is finished on time.

When you choose our Franklin asphalt company, you can rest assured that your commercial project will benefit from improved curb appeal, heightened safety measures, budget-friendly options, and long-lasting durability. Asphalt’s ability to withstand heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions makes it a practical and lasting solution for your business. Our pavement services promise extended durability, create a safe surface for both pedestrians and vehicles, and make a lasting, positive impact on clients and customers.

Your business’s exterior plays a crucial role in shaping that initial impression, and your parking lot is certainly no exception. The condition of your parking lot can either bolster your business’s reputation or pose safety risks and legal liabilities. Opting for our local asphalt company will not just elevate your business’s image, but will also leave a lasting impression on customers while ensuring the safety of both customers and employees. Our pricing is designed to be competitive without any compromise on quality, guaranteeing outstanding value for your investment.

Prevent a worn-out parking lot from becoming a problem for your business by addressing it promptly. Optimize your commercial property with Custom Paved Driveways and enjoy the outstanding improvements our asphalt service in Franklin is known for. Get in touch with us today to have a conversation about your project and receive your free quote.

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