Paving Service in Richmond

Our journey began in 1987, and Custom Paved Driveways has been proudly serving the Richmond area ever since. As a longstanding, community-focused paving service, we’re renowned for our top-notch custom paving, impeccable repairs, unmatched customer care, and meticulous attention to detail. Rest easy knowing that our business holds full licensing, bonding, and insurance for your peace of mind. With a team of dedicated, skilled, and experienced professionals, we promise to meet and exceed your specific requirements. Witness the excellence of our work across different areas, such as large parking lot projects, sealcoating endeavors, new installations, and more, and you’ll have complete confidence in our team. Contact us now to schedule your free estimate and experience impeccable, captivating results that will go beyond your expectations!

All-Inclusive Paving Service in Richmond

At Custom Paved Driveways, you’ll receive top-tier asphalt and concrete solutions that meet your every need. Our specialty lies in developing asphalt surfaces that combine durability and aesthetics while being perfectly suitable for the climate of this area. Regardless of whether your project involves constructing a new road, playground, or driveway or repairing existing pavement on your residential or commercial property, our skilled team is well-prepared to handle it. Our asphalt services encompass resurfacing projects, tailor-mader driveway paving, new construction endeavors, and the application of sealcoating for added protection. Depend on our expert team to boost your property’s practicality and visual charm through:

Homeowners Associations


Shopping Centers

Apartment Complexes

Parking Lots

Car Dealerships



And More!


Enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of your asphalt surfaces with Custom Paved Driveways’ high-quality sealcoating solutions. Maintain the integrity of your investment in parking lots or driveways with resilient defenses against extreme weather and heavy traffic loads. Our sealcoat acts as a resilient shield that defends your asphalt from chemicals, oil spills, volatile weather, UV harm, and other hazards. Our sealcoating application prevents asphalt oxidation, ensuring that its natural color and vibrancy are maintained so it won’t turn gray.

Protect your pavement against future repairs, increase its longevity, and save on maintenance costs with the outstanding sealcoating service from our reputable asphalt company. Sealcoating offers robust protection while providing a sleek, attractive surface that leaves a lasting impression on guests and customers by enhancing your property’s visual appeal. The improved traction provided by sealcoating helps prevent slips and falls, making your property safer for everyone.

Trust Custom Paved Driveways for precise application techniques that ensure your Richmond paving job is durable and well-protected. Keep your brand’s positive image intact by preventing a deteriorating parking lot. Reach out today to find out more about our professional sealcoating services and take an important step toward protecting the longevity and visual charm of your asphalt surfaces.

Asphalt Paving Services

Upgrade the appearance of your commercial property with our versatile commercial asphalt paving services. Our proficiency covers a broad spectrum, encompassing skilled asphalt installations, thorough repair tasks, proactive maintenance programs, economical resurfacing solutions, and adept sealcoating services. Our dedication to superior outcomes means your paving contractor will utilize our vast experience with reliable techniques, exceeding your expectations, surpassing our high workmanship standards, and ensuring your project is completed without delay.

Choosing our Richmond asphalt company for your commercial asphalt paving project guarantees longevity, cost-effectiveness, stringent safety measures, and improved aesthetics. The resilience of asphalt against intense traffic and challenging weather conditions makes it an ideal and long-lasting option for your business. Experience longevity with our pavement services, provide a safe area for pedestrians and vehicles, and leave a memorable impression on clients and customers.

The first impression of your business is closely linked to its exterior, and the parking lot is a significant component of this impression. A well-kept parking lot portrays your business in a positive light, whereas a poorly maintained one can create safety hazards and legal liabilities. Our local asphalt company specializes in parking lot paving that provides security, makes a strong impression, and gives your business a fresh look. We offer unmatched quality at a price that’s gentle on your wallet, making your investment long-lasting and smart.

Don’t allow your parking lot to deteriorate and affect business operations. Take your commercial property to new heights with Custom Paved Driveways and see firsthand the impressive results our asphalt service in Richmond can deliver. Reach out to us today to talk about your project and arrange for a free quote.


Improve safety and aesthetics by opting for expert parking lot striping services from our reliable asphalt contractor. The term “striping” pertains to the visible markings painted on surfaces, including parking slots, directional signs, and spots designated for disabled individuals as required by ADA standards. Our precise parking lot striping technique goes beyond aesthetics to prioritize pedestrian and driver safety, enhance parking convenience, and facilitate uninterrupted traffic movement.

Our asphalt service in Richmond is renowned for our dedication to excellence, utilizing premium materials and precise striping techniques to ensure lasting and precise results. Committed to your utmost satisfaction, our team ensures that every line and marking is executed with precision to meet your specific criteria and expectations. Experience the difference with Custom Paved Driveways, a paving company that allows reliability, professionalism, and remarkable results to converge as we elevate the appearance and usability of your parking lot.

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