Paving Service in Newport News

Custom Paved Driveways has been dedicated to serving the people of Newport News for over three decades. Deeply rooted in the community, our locally operated and owned paving service is known for our precision-oriented approach, stellar customer service, excellent repairs, and exceptional custom paving. We put your peace of mind first, which is why we maintain full insurance, bonding, and licensing. The members of our team are known for their reliability, skill, professionalism, and eagerness to exceed expectations. Whether it’s new installations, sealcoating, or handling large parking areas, you’re in capable hands with our team. Call us today to schedule a free quote and find out what sets us apart as the premier paving company in Newport News!

All-Inclusive Paving Service in Newport News

Custom Paved Driveways excels in providing unmatched solutions to your concrete and asphalt needs. We excel in designing asphalt surfaces that aren’t just made to last, but also designed to suit this region’s unique climate. We are well-equipped to handle projects of all sizes, spanning from revitalizing current pavement to creating new roads, driveways, or playgrounds, serving both commercial and residential clientele. Our asphalt service portfolio includes sealcoating applications, new construction ventures, surface refinishing projects, and the design and construction of custom-tailored driveways. Depend on our expert team to boost your property’s practicality and visual charm through:

Shopping Centers

Car Dealerships


Apartment Complexes


Parking Lots


Homeowners Associations

And More!


Custom Paved Driveways specializes in a high-end sealcoating service, designed to elevate the aesthetic charm and lasting power of your asphalt surfaces. Ensure the longevity of your parking lots or driveways with durable defenses against harsh weather conditions and constant car traffic. Our sealcoat is essentially a strong protective layer that defends asphalt against chemical exposure, oil stains, severe weather, UV radiation, and various other hazards. Our sealcoating service is designed to slow down the oxidation process in asphalt, ensuring that its natural color remains vivid and preventing the typical graying effect over time.

Maintain your pavement’s structural integrity, avoid future repair expenses, and prolong its lifespan with the excellent sealcoating service provided by our respected asphalt company. The protective benefits of sealcoating are complemented by a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish that elevates your property’s curb appeal and makes a positive impact on visitors and customers alike. Investing in sealcoating is a wise move for safety because it enhances traction and reduces the chances of slips and falls on your premises.

The experts at Custom Paved Driveways utilize established and precise application methods to ensure long-lasting durability and protection for every Newport News paving project we undertake. Keep your business’s image intact by preventing your parking lot from declining. Get in touch with us now to explore how our professional sealcoating services can help maintain the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your asphalt surfaces.

Asphalt Paving Services

Revitalize your commercial property using our comprehensive commercial asphalt paving offerings. We excel in a wide range of areas, from expert asphalt installation to detailed repair services, proactive maintenance programs, budget-friendly resurfacing options, and top-tier sealcoating solutions. Providing exceptional results is our goal, so your paving contractor will apply our time-tested techniques to surpass your expectations, exceed our stringent workmanship standards, and ensure that your project is finished on time.

When you come to our Newport News asphalt company, you can be certain that your commercial project will benefit from enhanced curb appeal, greater safety, affordability, and durability. Asphalt’s resilience in enduring challenging weather conditions and frequent traffic makes it a highly dependable and economical choice for businesses. By providing pavement services that prioritize durability and safety, we contribute to a secure environment for vehicles and pedestrians and ultimately help your business make a great impression on customers and clients.

The exterior of your business is directly tied to the first impression you make, and the parking lot is a large part of that. A properly cared-for parking lot enhances your business’s image, while a neglected one poses safety risks and potential liabilities. Our local asphalt company excels in parking lot paving that ensures safety, leaves a lasting impression, and enhances your business’s aesthetic. Our rates are competitive while maintaining top-notch quality, delivering exceptional value for the investment you make.

Prevent a worn-out parking lot from becoming a problem for your business by addressing it promptly. Enhance your commercial property now with Custom Paved Driveways and discover the amazing impact of our asphalt service in Newport News. Feel free to reach out to us to arrange a consultation and receive a complimentary estimate.


Experience the difference with your trusted asphalt contractor’s parking lot striping service, designed to elevate safety standards and enhance the overall visual appeal of your property. Parking lot striping encompasses the painted markings in a parking lot, including directional arrows, parking spaces, and ADA-compliant handicap parking spots. Our precise parking lot striping technique goes beyond aesthetics to prioritize pedestrian and driver safety, enhance parking convenience, and facilitate uninterrupted traffic movement.

When you choose our asphalt service in Newport News, expect nothing but quality at every step, with premium materials and precise striping techniques that ensure long-lasting and precise results. Our team’s unwavering dedication to your satisfaction ensures that every line and marking is executed impeccably and tailored to your precise requirements and expectations. Opt for Custom Paved Driveways and experience a paving company dedicated to professionalism, reliability, and delivering exceptional results that elevate both the functionality and aesthetics of your parking lot.

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