Paving Service in Stafford

It’s been a joy and a privilege for Custom Paved Driveways to serve the wonderful people of Stafford since we opened for business in 1987. Our well-established, locally owned, and locally operated paving service is known for our high-quality custom paving, exceptional repairs, stellar customer service, and attention to detail. Your peace of mind is invaluable, which is why we maintain full insurance, bonding, and licensing. The members of our team are known for their reliability, skill, professionalism, and eagerness to exceed expectations. Our capabilities are evident in our completed projects, ranging from large parking lot work to sealcoating services, new installations, and beyond, giving you peace of mind about your decision to choose our team. Reach out today to schedule a free quote and let us get to work showing you just what sets us apart as a premier paving company in Stafford!

All-Inclusive Paving Service in Stafford

Trust Custom Paved Driveways for outstanding asphalt and concrete services that instantly and dramatically elevate your property. We excel in designing asphalt surfaces that aren’t just made to last, but also designed to suit this region’s unique climate. Whether your project involves the construction of a new driveway, playground, or road or the repair of existing pavement on your residential or commercial property, our experienced crew is fully capable of handling it. Our asphalt service extends to personalized driveway paving, resurfacing tasks, new construction projects, and the application of sealcoating for long-lasting protection. Put your faith in our outstanding team to enhance both the curb appeal and functionality of:

Parking Lots



Shopping Centers

Apartment Complexes


Car Dealerships

Homeowners Associations

And More!

Asphalt Paving Services

Revitalize your commercial property’s exterior with the extensive selection of commercial asphalt paving services available at Custom Paved Driveways. Our capabilities span various tasks, from professional asphalt installations to meticulous repair services, proactive maintenance initiatives, economical resurfacing strategies, and proficient sealcoating applications. For superior outcomes, your paving contractor will utilize our wealth of experience with reliable methods, exceeding your expectations, surpassing our stringent workmanship criteria, and completing your project promptly.

When you choose our Stafford asphalt company, you can rest assured that your commercial project will benefit from improved curb appeal, heightened safety measures, budget-friendly options, and long-lasting durability. The resilience of asphalt against intense traffic and challenging weather conditions makes it an ideal and long-lasting option for your business. Our pavement services don’t just ensure longevity, but also contribute to a safer environment for vehicles and pedestrians while leaving a positive first impression on customers and clients.

The initial perception of your business is heavily influenced by its exterior, with the parking lot being an essential element of this perception. A properly cared-for parking lot enhances your business’s image, while a neglected one poses safety risks and potential liabilities. Our local asphalt company specializes in parking lot paving that promotes safety, creates a memorable impression, and enhances your business’s visual appeal. Our pricing structure is competitive, yet we maintain the highest standards of quality to guarantee exceptional value for your investment.

Don’t delay addressing your parking lot’s wear and tear or risk its effect on your business. Upgrade with Custom Paved Driveways today and experience the incredible difference our asphalt service in Stafford can make for your commercial property! Get in touch with us today to have a conversation about your project and receive your free quote.


Prioritize safety standards and enhance the visual appeal of your property with professional parking lot striping services by our trusted asphalt contractor. Parking lot striping involves the application of painted markings within a parking area, which include directional arrows, designated parking spaces, and handicap spots that comply with ADA regulations. Our meticulous parking lot striping method enhances the parking lot’s aesthetics and also improves safety for pedestrians and drivers, streamlines parking procedures, and maintains efficient traffic flow.

Our asphalt service in Stafford prioritizes durable, high-quality, and precise striping, achieved through specialized application methods and premium materials. Meeting your expectations and requirements is our team’s top priority, and we achieve this through flawless execution of every line and marking to ensure your satisfaction. Custom Paved Driveways stands out as a paving company that embodies professionalism, reliability, and a commitment to delivering high-quality results that transform your parking lot into a functional and visually pleasing place.


Experience the excellence of Custom Paved Driveways’ sealcoating service, meticulously designed to improve the aesthetics and resilience of your asphalt surfaces. Shield your investment in asphalt driveways and parking lots from the adverse effects of weather and external elements. Our exceptional sealcoat serves as a durable shield that safeguards your asphalt from the harmful effects of harsh sunlight, unfavorable weather conditions, oil leaks, and chemical exposure. Our sealcoating service is designed to slow down the oxidation process in asphalt, ensuring that its natural color remains vivid and preventing the typical graying effect over time.

Enhance the durability of your pavement, prevent expensive repairs, and increase its lifespan with the dependable sealcoating service provided by our trusted asphalt company. Aside from its protective capabilities, a freshly sealcoated surface displays a polished, beautiful appearance that greatly elevates the visual appeal of your property and leaves a lasting impression on guests and patrons. The ability of sealcoating to improve traction makes it a valuable safety investment by reducing the risk of falls and slips.

The Stafford paving professionals at Custom Paved Driveways use tried-and-true, precision application methods to ensure lasting durability and protection. Maintain your business’s positive image by avoiding the deterioration of your parking lot. Get in touch now to explore the details of our sealcoating service and make an informed decision that improves the appearance and strength of your asphalt.

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