Paving Service in Smithfield

For more than 30 years, Custom Paved Driveways has been the trusted choice for asphalt services in the Smithfield region. Celebrated for our outstanding custom paving, superior repair work, exceptional customer service, and meticulous focus on details, our paving service has deep community ties and a longstanding reputation for excellence. Your peace of mind is invaluable, which is why we maintain full insurance, bonding, and licensing. The professionals on our team are renowned for their reliability, expertise, dedication, and ability to make going above and beyond seem effortless. With our exceptional outcomes in large parking lots, sealcoating services, new installations, and more, you’ll know you’ve picked the right team for your needs. Reach out today to arrange your complimentary estimate and let us showcase an impeccable, stunning result that goes beyond your expectations!

All-Inclusive Paving Service in Smithfield

Choose Custom Paved Driveways for superior asphalt and concrete services that transform your property. We specialize in crafting durable, visually appealing asphalt surfaces designed to withstand the unique climate in this beautiful region. Whether it’s renovating existing pavement or developing new driveways, playgrounds, or roads, we have all the resources and expertise to manage projects of all sizes for customers in residential or commercial environments. Our asphalt services encompass resurfacing projects, tailor-mader driveway paving, new construction endeavors, and the application of sealcoating for added protection. Place your trust in our knowledgeable team to optimize your property’s functionality and visual appeal with:

Apartment Complexes

Parking Lots


Homeowners Associations

Car Dealerships


Shopping Centers


And More!


Count on your go-to asphalt contractor for our professional parking lot striping service, which is designed to enhance both safety and aesthetic appeal. The process of parking lot striping involves painting various markings on the pavement, such as directional indicators, parking bays, and handicap-accessible spaces in accordance with ADA standards. Our methodical parking lot striping approach focuses on enhancing safety for pedestrians and drivers, improving parking efficiency, and maintaining smooth traffic operations, in addition to enhancing the parking lot’s appearance.

Ensuring durable, high-quality, and precise striping is a top priority for our asphalt service in Smithfield, achieved through specialized application techniques and superior materials. Your satisfaction is our primary focus, and our skilled team ensures that every line and marking is executed flawlessly to meet your expectations and requirements. When you want a paving company known for dependability, professionalism, and exceptional results that elevate your parking lot’s appearance and usability, turn to Custom Paved Driveways.

Asphalt Paving Services

Revitalize your commercial property using our comprehensive commercial asphalt paving offerings. When it comes to commercial paving, we’ve truly thought of it all, offering professional sealcoating, affordable resurfacing solutions, preventative maintenance routines, precision repairs, and professional asphalt installs. Achieving outstanding results is our priority, which is why your paving contractor will draw from our extensive experience and rigorous workmanship standards to surpass your expectations and ensure timely project completion.

Opting for our Smithfield asphalt company ensures that your commercial project will benefit from improved curb appeal, increased safety measures, budget-friendly solutions, and impressive durability. Asphalt’s capacity to endure high traffic volumes and harsh weather elements makes it a pragmatic and resilient choice for your business needs. With our pavement services, we prioritize longevity and safety, create a positive initial impression on customers and clients, and ensure a secure environment for all vehicles and pedestrians.

The outward appearance of your business is pivotal in forming the first impression, and your parking lot is a significant part of that. Maintaining your parking lot reflects positively on your business’s professionalism, while neglecting it can result in safety hazards and legal complications. With the help of our local asphalt company, your parking lot becomes a vital aspect of your business’s image, leaves a favorable impression on customers, and ensures safety for all. We strike a balance between competitive pricing and high-quality services, giving you unmatched value for your investment.

Don’t allow your parking lot to deteriorate and affect business operations. Allow Custom Paved Driveways to upgrade your parking lot and see firsthand just how much your commercial property can stand out with our asphalt service in Smithfield! Call us today to discuss your project and schedule your free quote.


Boost the strength and beauty of your asphalt surfaces by choosing Custom Paved Driveways’ superior sealcoating solutions. Provide enduring protection for your significant investment in parking lots or driveways against inclement weather and extensive vehicle traffic. Our superior sealcoat product creates a sturdy barrier to shield your asphalt against harmful UV rays, severe weather, oil drips, and chemicals. By applying sealcoating, we can halt the aging process of asphalt, preserve its original color and vibrancy, and prevent it from turning gray.

Protect your pavement against future repairs, increase its longevity, and save on maintenance costs with the outstanding sealcoating service from our reputable asphalt company. Beyond protection, a freshly sealcoated surface boasts a rich, smooth finish that greatly enhances the overall curb appeal of your property and leaves a lasting positive impression on visitors and customers alike. By improving traction, sealcoating helps to create a safer environment by minimizing the likelihood of falls and slips.

With Custom Paved Driveways, rest assured that our Smithfield paving experts will execute precise application techniques for maximum protection and durability. Keep your brand’s positive image intact by preventing a deteriorating parking lot. Contact us today to uncover the advantages of our professional sealcoating services and maintain the durability and visual appeal of your asphalt surfaces.

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