Paving Service in Williamsburg

Serving the Williamsburg region since 1987, Custom Paved Driveways is honored to have a steadfast presence in this community. As a locally operated and owned paving service, we’re celebrated for our attention to detail, outstanding service to customers, top-rated repair work, and superb custom paving solutions. Our business is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to give you complete peace of mind. The members of our team are reliable, experienced, and dedicated professionals who excel at going the extra mile. From new installations to sealcoating to managing extensive parking areas and more, you’ve found the right team for the job. Reach out today to arrange a free quote and let us demonstrate why we’re the top paving company in Williamsburg!

All-Inclusive Paving Service in Williamsburg

Trust Custom Paved Driveways for outstanding asphalt and concrete services that instantly and dramatically elevate your property. We create visually stunning, resilient asphalt surfaces that are built to last through the specific weather conditions we see in Williamsburg. Whether it’s fixing current pavement or fabricating new driveways, playgrounds, or roads, we have the expertise and resources to manage projects of any size for residential or commercial customers. We offer a comprehensive range of asphalt services, including sealcoating, custom driveway paving, new construction endeavors, and surface refinishing. Count on our skilled team to improve your property’s function and aesthetic appeal with:


Shopping Centers

Parking Lots

Apartment Complexes

Homeowners Associations


Car Dealerships


And More!


Ensure safety and improve the aesthetics of your property with top-notch parking lot striping services from our experienced asphalt contractor. Parking lot striping refers to the act of painting specific markings on the parking lot surface, which includes directional arrows, parking spaces, and ADA-compliant handicap parking areas. Our thorough process of parking lot striping focuses not only on visual appeal, but also on facilitating efficient traffic circulation, structured parking areas, and heightened safety levels for pedestrians and drivers alike.

Our asphalt service in Williamsburg prioritizes quality in every aspect of our work, from using high-quality materials for long-lasting results to employing expert application techniques that guarantee precise and durable striping. With a steadfast commitment to your satisfaction, our team ensures that every line and marking is executed flawlessly to align perfectly with your specific needs and desires. Opt for Custom Paved Driveways and experience a paving company dedicated to professionalism, reliability, and delivering exceptional results that elevate both the functionality and aesthetics of your parking lot.


At Custom Paved Driveways, we offer a premium sealcoating service designed to enhance the aesthetics and durability of any asphalt surface. Safeguard your substantial investment in parking lots or driveways with long-term protection against severe weather and high volumes of traffic. Our sealcoat product forms a durable barrier that safeguards asphalt from chemicals, oil spills, unpredictable weather conditions, UV damage, and more. By applying sealcoating, we can halt the aging process of asphalt, preserve its original color and vibrancy, and prevent it from turning gray.

Safeguard your pavement investment, prevent costly repairs, and extend its lifespan with the top-notch sealcoating service from our reputable asphalt company. The protective benefits of sealcoating are complemented by a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish that elevates your property’s curb appeal and makes a positive impact on visitors and customers alike. Sealcoating enhances safety by improving traction, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents such as slips and falls.

Count on Custom Paved Driveways’ Williamsburg paving specialists for their time-tested and precise application techniques that ensure unmatched durability and protection. Safeguard your business’s reputation by halting the deterioration of your parking lot. Reach out to us today for an in-depth conversation about our sealcoating service and choose to enhance both the visual appeal and resilience of your asphalt.

Asphalt Paving Services

Transform your commercial property’s aesthetics using our expansive array of commercial asphalt paving options. We specialize in many tasks, including precise asphalt installations, thorough repair services, proactive maintenance programs, affordable resurfacing solutions, and expert sealcoating applications. Our commitment to excellence means that your paving contractor will employ our well-established techniques to surpass not only your expectations, but also our own high workmanship standards and ensure that your project is completed on schedule.

When you choose our Williamsburg asphalt company, expect your commercial project to benefit from a boost in curb appeal, enhanced safety features, cost-effective solutions, and lasting durability. Asphalt’s ability to withstand heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions makes it a practical and durable choice for your business. Benefit from increased longevity with our pavement services, designed to create a safer environment for pedestrians and vehicles and, therefore, leave a lasting impression on clients and customers.

Your business’s outward presentation is paramount, and the parking lot is integral to creating that critical first impression. A poorly maintained parking lot can be a liability and a safety hazard, but an immaculate lot demonstrates your genuine concern for safety and leaves a lasting positive impression on visitors. By selecting our local asphalt company, your parking lot becomes a reflection of your business’s character, leaves a positive impact on customers, and provides safety for employees and patrons. We strike a balance between competitive pricing and high-quality services, giving you unmatched value for your investment.

Take preventative measures against a worn-out parking lot’s impact on your business. Discover the incredible impact on your commercial property when Custom Paved Driveways upgrades your parking lot with our professional asphalt service in Williamsburg! Reach out to us today to talk about your project and arrange for a free quote.

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