Paving Service in Norfolk

Custom Paved Driveways opened our doors in 1987, and we’ve proudly served the local community in Norfolk ever since. As a locally owned and operated paving service, we’re widely acknowledged for our comprehensive approach, exceptional customer support, high-quality repairs, and outstanding custom paving solutions. We understand the importance of your peace of mind, which is why we carry comprehensive insurance, bonding, and licensing. The individuals on our team are dependable, experienced, and passionate about meeting your exact needs with the most exceptional service. Our finished work speaks volumes, from extensive parking lot projects to sealcoating and new installations, so you can be certain that you’ve chosen the perfect team. Contact us now to schedule your free quote and witness why we are known as the premier paving company in Norfolk!

All-Inclusive Paving Service in Norfolk

Custom Paved Driveways delivers unmatched quality and innovation in concrete and asphalt solutions. Our specialty lies in developing asphalt surfaces that combine durability and aesthetics while being perfectly suitable for the climate of this area. Whether your needs include the construction of a new road, driveway, or playground or the restoration of existing pavement on your residential or commercial property, our capable crew is ready to take on the task. Our asphalt service extends to personalized driveway paving, resurfacing tasks, new construction projects, and the application of sealcoating for long-lasting protection. Depend on our exemplary team to elevate the curb appeal and functionality of:

Car Dealerships



Parking Lots

Homeowners Associations


Shopping Centers

Apartment Complexes

And More!


At Custom Paved Driveways, we offer a premium sealcoating service designed to enhance the aesthetics and durability of any asphalt surface. Your parking lot or driveway is a large investment that requires a lasting defense against harsh weather and heavy traffic. Our sealcoat product serves as a tenacious barrier, and this high-quality product protects asphalt against chemical exposure, oil spills, unpredictable weather, ultraviolet damage, and more. Sealcoating is also a great way to preserve the original vibrancy and color of your asphalt by slowing down the natural oxidation process, which makes asphalt turn gray as it ages.

Protect your pavement from expensive repairs and extend its longevity with the exceptional sealcoating service offered by our reliable asphalt company. Apart from providing protection, a freshly sealcoated surface boasts a glossy, refined look that dramatically improves the aesthetic appeal of your property and makes a lasting, favorable impression on visitors and customers. Sealcoating contributes to safety by offering better traction, reducing the chances of slips and falls, and promoting a secure environment.

Custom Paved Driveways guarantees meticulous application methods that ensure maximum durability and protection for your Norfolk paving project. Ensure that your business’s values and standards are upheld by preventing your parking lot from deteriorating. Get in touch now to explore the details of our sealcoating service and make an informed decision that improves the appearance and strength of your asphalt.

Asphalt Paving Services

Give your commercial property a fresh new look with the wide range of commercial asphalt paving services at Custom Paved Driveways. We have extensive expertise in multiple areas, such as expert asphalt installations, detailed repair services, proactive maintenance programs, cost-effective resurfacing options, and professional sealcoating services. Your paving contractor will focus on superior artistry, going beyond customer satisfaction, offering competitive rates, ensuring timely project delivery, and utilizing our extensive know-how for exceptional results.

Opting for our Norfolk asphalt company for your commercial asphalt paving needs guarantees durability, cost savings, increased safety, and lasting beauty. The durability of asphalt in the face of heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions makes it a pragmatic and robust choice for your business. Benefit from increased longevity with our pavement services, designed to create a safer environment for pedestrians and vehicles and, therefore, leave a lasting impression on clients and customers.

Your business’s outward presentation is paramount, and the parking lot is integral to creating that critical first impression. The upkeep of your parking lot speaks volumes about your business, whereas a lack of maintenance can lead to safety concerns and legal issues. Our local asphalt company specializes in parking lot paving that provides security, makes a strong impression, and gives your business a fresh look. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, ensuring excellent value for your investment.

Don’t delay addressing your parking lot’s wear and tear or risk its effect on your business. Elevate your commercial property with Custom Paved Driveways and witness the remarkable transformation our asphalt service in Norfolk can make. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and estimate.


Your asphalt contractor offers a specialized parking lot striping service that’s tailored to elevate the safety standards and visual appeal of your property. Striping refers to the painted markings on the ground that delineate parking spaces, directional arrows, and handicap spots, as per ADA regulations. Our methodical process of parking lot striping is intended to create efficient traffic flow, structured parking arrangements, and enhanced safety features for motorists and pedestrians.

Our asphalt service in Norfolk takes many important steps to make our striping durable, high-quality, and precise, including our specialized application methods and our premium quality materials. Our skilled team makes your satisfaction our top priority by meeting your expectations and requirements through flawless execution of every marking and line. Turn to Custom Paved Driveways when you demand a paving company that delivers dependability, professionalism, and exceptional results that improve the appearance and functionality of your parking lot.

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