Paving Service in Tappahannock

With a legacy spanning back to 1987, Custom Paved Driveways has been an integral part of the Tappahannock area. Our locally owned and operated paving service stands out for our detailed approach, exceptional customer care, top-notch repair services, and remarkable custom paving solutions. Your peace of mind is paramount to us, reflected in our comprehensive insurance, bonding, and licensing. The professionals on our team are reliable, experienced, and committed to surpassing your expectations by providing an exceptional level of service. Whether it’s installing new surfaces, sealcoating, or managing expansive parking lots, you can trust our team to deliver exceptional results. Reach out now to schedule your free quote and discover why we are recognized as the leading paving company in Tappahannock!

All-Inclusive Paving Service in Tappahannock

Custom Paved Driveways delivers unparalleled asphalt and concrete services tailored to your needs. We specialize in constructing durable and visually striking asphalt surfaces that are engineered to thrive in the Tappahannock climate. Our capabilities range from repairing existing paved surfaces to building new driveways, roads, or playgrounds, enabling us to undertake projects of varying magnitudes for residential and commercial customers. Our asphalt service portfolio includes sealcoating applications, new construction ventures, surface refinishing projects, and the design and construction of custom-tailored driveways. Count on our skilled team to improve your property’s function and aesthetic appeal with:

Car Dealerships


Homeowners Associations


Shopping Centers


Apartment Complexes

Parking Lots

And More!

Asphalt Paving Services

Rejuvenate your commercial property with our complete commercial asphalt paving solutions. We cover all bases in commercial paving, delivering professional sealcoating, budget-friendly resurfacing options, preventive maintenance schedules, detailed repairs, and skilled asphalt installations. Your paving contractor will prioritize excellent workmanship, exceeding customer expectations, providing competitive pricing, ensuring on-time project completion, and utilizing our years of experience to ensure exceptional results.

When you depend on our Tappahannock asphalt company to meet your commercial asphalt paving requirements, you’re choosing longevity, affordability, greater safety, and enhanced visual appeal. Asphalt’s resilience in enduring challenging weather conditions and frequent traffic makes it a highly dependable and economical choice for businesses. With our pavement services, expect increased longevity and safety, a positive and safe atmosphere for pedestrians and vehicles, and a great first impression on clients and customers.

Your business’s visual presentation is intricately connected to the first impression it leaves behind, and the parking lot contributes significantly to this. Maintaining your parking lot reflects positively on your business’s professionalism, while neglecting it can result in safety hazards and legal complications. Our local asphalt company focuses on parking lot paving that safeguards, impresses, and rejuvenates the visual appeal of your business. Our rates are competitive while maintaining top-notch quality, delivering exceptional value for the investment you make.

Don’t wait for a worn-out parking lot to start affecting your business. Take your commercial property to new heights with Custom Paved Driveways and see firsthand the impressive results our asphalt service in Tappahannock can deliver. Get in touch with us today for a no-cost consultation and estimate.


Improve the resilience and visual allure of your asphalt surfaces through Custom Paved Driveways’ exceptional sealcoating services. Ensure the longevity of your parking lots or driveways with durable defenses against harsh weather conditions and constant car traffic. Our sealcoat serves as a robust barrier that shields your asphalt from chemical elements, oil leaks, unpredictable climatic conditions, UV rays, and similar threats. Sealcoating serves as a barrier against asphalt oxidation, preserving its vibrant color and preventing the grayish hue associated with aging.

Ensure long-term pavement durability, avoid costly repairs, and extend its lifespan with the superior sealcoating service offered by our esteemed asphalt company. Sealcoating offers reliable protection and a smooth, beautiful appearance that enhances the curb appeal of your property and leaves a positive impression on customers and visitors. Improved traction from sealcoating helps minimize the potential for slips and falls, prioritizing safety on your property.

Custom Paved Driveways employs proven, meticulous application techniques to guarantee your Tappahannock paving project’s durability and protection. Maintain your business’s positive image by avoiding the deterioration of your parking lot. Get in touch now to learn more about our sealcoating service and take the initiative to improve the visual appeal and integrity of your asphalt.


Your asphalt contractor is delighted to extend our expertise in parking lot striping, aimed at improving safety and enhancing the visual charm of your property. Parking lot striping involves the application of painted markings within a parking area, which include directional arrows, designated parking spaces, and handicap spots that comply with ADA regulations. Our comprehensive approach to parking lot striping focuses on establishing smooth traffic flow, structured parking zones, and improved safety standards for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Our asphalt service in Tappahannock stands out for a steadfast commitment to quality, employing top-grade materials and expertly executed striping methods for enduring and accurate results. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction, guaranteeing that each line and marking is flawlessly executed to fulfill your unique requirements and expectations. For those seeking reliability, professionalism, and remarkable outcomes that enhance your parking lot’s appeal and functionality, Custom Paved Driveways is the ideal paving company.

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