Paving Service in Surry

It’s been a joy and a privilege for Custom Paved Driveways to serve the wonderful people of Surry since we opened for business in 1987. Renowned for our high-quality custom paving, top-notch repairs, exceptional customer service, and keen eye for detail, our locally owned and operated paving service has deep ties to the community. You can confidently put your trust in our business because we’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured. The individuals on our team are highly professional, experienced, trustworthy, and committed to surpassing your expectations. Whether it’s installing new surfaces, applying sealcoating, handling extensive parking lots, or another task entirely, rest assured that you’ve discovered the perfect team for the job. Get in touch today to set up a no-cost quote and see for yourself why we are considered the premier paving company in Surry!

All-Inclusive Paving Service in Surry

Custom Paved Driveways is proud to offer unparalleled concrete and asphalt solutions. Specializing in the creation of robust and visually striking asphalt surfaces, we ensure that each surface we build is resilient enough to handle the unique climate of this region. From repairing existing pavement to creating new driveways, playgrounds, or roads, we are equipped to handle projects of all sizes for residential and commercial clients. Our asphalt service covers sealcoating applications, resurfacing projects, new construction initiatives, and the creation of custom-designed driveways. Put your faith in our outstanding team to enhance both the curb appeal and functionality of:

Apartment Complexes

Car Dealerships


Parking Lots



Shopping Centers

Homeowners Associations

And More!


Achieve safety and visual appeal with professional parking lot striping services from your trusted asphalt contractor. The practice of parking lot striping includes painting lines and symbols on the parking lot surface, delineating areas for parking, directional guidance, and handicap-accessible parking spaces that meet ADA requirements. Our systematic approach to parking lot striping emphasizes the importance of ensuring unhindered traffic movement, structured parking areas, and increased safety measures for drivers and pedestrians.

Our asphalt service in Surry focuses on delivering durable, high-quality, and precise striping by employing specialized application techniques and top-tier materials. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction, delivering flawless execution of every marking and line to meet your expectations and requirements. As a leading paving company, Custom Paved Driveways guarantees professionalism, reliability, and superior outcomes that not only improve the functionality but also enhance the visual appeal of your parking lot.


Trust Custom Paved Driveways for an elite sealcoating solution that enhances the durability and aesthetics of every asphalt surface. Ensure the lasting integrity of your asphalt driveways and parking lots by shielding them from the impact of environmental elements. Our premium sealcoat acts as a resilient barrier to defend your asphalt from the harmful consequences of strong UV rays, tough weather conditions, oil spills, and chemical substances. Sealcoating also acts as a barrier against the natural aging process of asphalt by maintaining its vibrant color and preventing it from fading to gray.

Choose our trusted asphalt company for superior sealcoating that protects your pavement from expensive repairs, extends its lifespan, and ensures long-term durability. Sealcoating offers reliable protection and a smooth, beautiful appearance that enhances the curb appeal of your property and leaves a positive impression on customers and visitors. With its enhanced traction, sealcoating plays a crucial role in reducing slip and fall risks and, therefore, ensures a safer environment.

The Surry paving professionals at Custom Paved Driveways use tried-and-true, precision application methods to ensure lasting durability and protection. Don’t allow a deteriorating parking lot to turn your brand into a negative reflection of your business’s values and standards. Reach out to us today to further discuss our sealcoating service and make a proactive choice to enhance the aesthetics and integrity of your asphalt.

Asphalt Paving Services

Enhance the visual appeal of your commercial property through our comprehensive commercial asphalt paving services. Our commercial paving services are comprehensive, including expert sealcoating, economical resurfacing solutions, preventive maintenance programs, precise repairs, and professional asphalt installations. Your paving contractor will emphasize quality craftsmanship, surpassing customer expectations, offering competitive rates, ensuring timely project completion, and leveraging our extensive experience for remarkable outcomes.

Opting for our Surry asphalt company ensures that your commercial project will benefit from improved curb appeal, increased safety measures, budget-friendly solutions, and impressive durability. Asphalt’s ability to withstand adverse weather conditions and consistent traffic makes it an exceptionally reasonable and resilient choice for businesses. Through our pavement services, we guarantee durability, create a safer place for vehicles and pedestrians, and leave a favorable impression on customers and clients.

The initial impression of your business often hinges on its exterior, with the parking lot being a key element in shaping this perception. Neglecting parking lot maintenance can result in safety risks and legal issues, whereas a well-maintained lot enhances safety and contributes to a positive business image. Opting for our local asphalt company will not just elevate your business’s image, but will also leave a lasting impression on customers while ensuring the safety of both customers and employees. Your investment will be as sensible as it is long-lasting because you’ll get premium quality without the premium price tag.

Prevent a worn-out parking lot from becoming a problem for your business by addressing it promptly. Witness the outstanding difference in your commercial property’s appearance when Custom Paved Driveways upgrades your parking lot with our top-notch asphalt service in Surry! Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

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