Paving Service in Moyock

Since our establishment in 1987, Custom Paved Driveways has been synonymous with quality paving in Moyock. With deep roots in the local area, our paving service is distinguished for our meticulous approach, exceptional customer experiences, superior repair capabilities, and exceptional custom paving results. Our business maintains comprehensive licensing, bonding, and insurance coverage to provide you with peace of mind. Our team includes the most skilled, seasoned, and reliable professionals, each dedicated to exceeding your specific requirements. With our track record of success in large parking lot projects, sealcoating services, new installations, and other tasks, you’ll have no doubt that you’ve found the right team for your project. Contact us now to book your no-cost estimate and experience an impeccable, exquisite outcome that will surpass your expectations!

All-Inclusive Paving Service in Moyock

Discover the exceptional concrete and asphalt solutions available at Custom Paved Driveways. We produce visually captivating and durable asphalt surfaces designed to withstand the unique weather concerns of the Moyock area. Whether you’re interested in constructing a new playground, road, or driveway or you need maintenance work for existing pavement at your commercial or residential property, our adept crew is at your service. Our asphalt service includes a range of solutions, including personalized driveway paving, new installations, resurfacing, and protective sealcoating. Count on our exceptional team to boost the curb appeal and functionality of:

Car Dealerships

Homeowners Associations

Shopping Centers

Apartment Complexes




Parking Lots

And More!


Experience the difference with your trusted asphalt contractor’s parking lot striping service, designed to elevate safety standards and enhance the overall visual appeal of your property. Striping denotes the painted lines and symbols on pavement surfaces, indicating parking areas, directional cues, and spots reserved for individuals with disabilities as outlined by ADA guidelines. Our attention to detail in parking lot striping not only enhances visual appeal, but also ensures pedestrian and driver safety, optimizes parking logistics, and promotes seamless traffic circulation.

Ensuring durable, high-quality, and precise striping is a top priority for our asphalt service in Moyock, achieved through specialized application techniques and superior materials. Committed to your utmost satisfaction, our team ensures that every line and marking is executed with precision to meet your specific criteria and expectations. Custom Paved Driveways is your answer for a paving company that offers reliability, professionalism, and outstanding outcomes that enhance both the look and usability of your parking lot.

Asphalt Paving Services

Enhance your commercial property with our full suite of commercial asphalt paving solutions. We have extensive expertise in multiple areas, such as expert asphalt installations, detailed repair services, proactive maintenance programs, cost-effective resurfacing options, and professional sealcoating services. Your paving contractor will prioritize exceptional workmanship, surpassing customer expectations, providing competitive rates, ensuring punctual project completion, and leveraging our vast experience for outstanding results.

Our Moyock asphalt company guarantees that your commercial project will see an increase in curb appeal, improved safety standards, financial benefits, and enduring strength. The strength of asphalt against harsh weather elements and constant traffic makes it an incredibly durable and rational solution for nearly any business. Our pavement services offer enhanced durability, contributing to a safer space for pedestrians and vehicles and a positive impact on clients and customers.

The exterior aesthetics of your business are instrumental in creating a first impression, and the parking lot is a critical part of that. A well-kept parking lot portrays your business in a positive light, whereas a poorly maintained one can create safety hazards and legal liabilities. When you partner with our local asphalt company, your parking lot transforms into a representation of your business’s identity, makes a favorable impression on customers, and ensures safety for everyone. Your investment will be as sensible as it is long-lasting because you’ll get premium quality without the premium price tag.

Take preventative measures against a worn-out parking lot’s impact on your business. Witness the outstanding difference in your commercial property’s appearance when Custom Paved Driveways upgrades your parking lot with our top-notch asphalt service in Moyock! Take advantage of our offer for a free consultation and estimate by contacting us today!


Strengthen the endurance and visual charm of your asphalt surfaces with Custom Paved Driveways’ premier sealcoating services. Provide enduring protection for your significant investment in parking lots or driveways against inclement weather and extensive vehicle traffic. Our exceptional sealcoat serves as a durable shield that safeguards your asphalt from the harmful effects of harsh sunlight, unfavorable weather conditions, oil leaks, and chemical exposure. Our sealcoating services combat the natural oxidation of asphalt, ensure that its color remains vibrant, and prevent it from becoming dull and gray.

Invest in the longevity of your pavement, eliminate the need for costly repairs, and protect it for years to come with the reliable sealcoating service from our reputable asphalt company. Sealcoating doesn’t only safeguard your surface, but also imparts a polished, attractive look that contributes to enhancing the curb appeal of your property and makes a favorable impression on customers and visitors. The ability of sealcoating to improve traction makes it a valuable safety investment by reducing the risk of falls and slips.

Custom Paved Driveways’ Moyock paving professionals use precise application techniques to bring unmatched protection and durability to your project. Preserve your business’s professional appearance by keeping your parking lot from deteriorating. Contact us now to discuss our sealcoating service further and take a proactive approach to elevate the aesthetics and longevity of your asphalt.

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